Shaman Rattles made of hide

…. a Shaman Rattle has a soul or Is Animated. 
For thousands of years the rattle has been used to comfort crying babies or to heal the wounded warrior. 
A shaman rattle is a very personal tool, that will cooperate in accordance to your intention.

Some rattles are like the wind turning the leaves on the trees or like the breath of nature!  Others are like the sea or the rushing within the blood, – or like the sound of a running creek or a crackling fire – Sounds that will bring us closer to the spirits between worlds and of nature ! 

My process when creating a Rattle – or any of the other tools involves a deep shamanic connection with the spirit world – and the different spirits within the material. Spirit of the wood, spirits of the hide / skin, spirits of the feathers – as well as the essence or shamanic symbolic meaning, that I experience in 
the seeds, crystals, stones, bones or seashells. 
All this is an incredible process, where one immerse / journey into the material, or the spirits of the material will just talks to me. Meaning e.g. that sometimes a Rattle will ask for a special filling or feather. 
The uniting of the different materials causes a transformation. The melting together of the material is “The birth of a new Essence”. The tool becomes alive, souled and together it will constitute the whole.

My shaman rattles are known to have their own unique energy and the same goes for their sound.
When you work with the Rattles in a state of changed consciousness you can experience an incredible sound universe. It´s possible to experience that the same rattle,  from time to time have a different sound, during the shamanic work and depending on your shamanic work.
A Rattle can be used in many ways ! The primary thing is, with what intension you are working with and that you invite the spirit of the Rattle to participate with the same intension.
You can use a rattles for shamanic journeys, for calling spirit helpers and power animals, to compliment your healing work or as the Shaman’s tool when working with Tribal Dance or Singing Seidr – or you can start your day by giving yourself a “Rattle shower”
To be familiar with your shaman rattle, we recommend to make a “journey” for the purpose of getting to know the Spirit within the Rattle.


Shaman Rattle: “Blue Water Spirit”
Price: 1500 202 € / 185 £ / $ 245 
Length: 24 cm.
Materials:  Decorated Reindeer Hide with Snail Shells.  
Handle of “Drift Wood”.
Filling : Blue Corals, White Corals and Snail Shells.

Shaman Rattle :  “The Sacred Feminine” 
Price: 1500 202 Euro / 185 £ / $ 245      
Length:  26 cm.
Materials:  Decorated Reindeer Hide With Beads of Carnelian and Brass Beads and Bells.
Handle of Birch Root.
Filling: Carnelian, Red Coral, Lava, Cardamom and Juniper.

Shaman Rattle  “Flame of Passion”     
Price:   1400 188 Euro / 172 £ / $ 229   
Full Length: 24 cm.
Materials:  Decorated Reindeer Hide.
Handle of White Birch Wood.
Filling: Carnelia, Bone, Lava and Juniper.

Shaman Rattle   “Ancient Bear Spirit”    
Price: 1600 215 € / 187 £ / $ 257
Length:  21 cm.
Materials:  Two-Toned Reindeer Hide and Bear Fur.
Handle of  Old Bog oak. 
Filling : Amber, Bone, Lava, Snail Shells and Juniper.

Shaman Rattle :  “Turtle Medicine”  
Price: 1500 202 € / 185 £ / $ 245  
Length: 19 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer Hide.
Handle of Australian Cone.
Filling: Crystal, Lava and Juniper.

Shaman Rattle  “Blue Raven Vision ”   
Price:  1500 202 € / 185 £ / $ 245    
Full Length: 25 cm.
Materials:  Decorated Reindeer Hide with Freathers from Raven, Beads of Blue Tiger Eye and Lava.
Handle of Old Bog Oak.
Filling: Lava, Bone, Snail Snails and Juniper.

Shaman Rattle “Ocean Dream”
Price:    1400 188 € / 172 £ / $ 229
Full Length: 21 cm.
Materials:  Decorated Reindeer hide. 
Handle of “Drift Wood”  with Beads of Blue Coral
Filling:  Aquamarine,  Freshwater Pearls, Sea Shells and Mussels.

Shaman Rattle “Wisdom of  the Elder”
Price:   1400 188 € / 172 £ / 229 $
Full Length: 26 cm.
Materials:  Decorated Reindeer hide with Beads of Brass and 1 Bell. 
Handle of Patinated Elder.
Filling : Amethyst, Aventurine and Juniper.

Shaman Rattle “Love Enchanting Willow”.
Price: 1500 202 € / 185 £ / $ 245  
Full Length:  22 cm.
Materials:  Reindeer Hide decorated and with Rabbit Fur, Lava and Aventurine. 
Handle of Willow Root. 
Filling:   Crystal, Amethyst and Lava.

Shaman Rattle “Raven – The Wise Trickster”
Price: 1300 175  € / 160 £ / $ 213    
Full Length: 24 cm.
Materials:  Reindeer Hide, Raven Feathers, Beads of Amber and Lava.
Handle of Ivy. 
Filling :  Flying Rowan, Amber, Lava Pyrite and Juniper.

Shaman Rattle “Sacred Power Within” 
Price: 1500 202 Euro / 185 £ / 245 $   
Full Length: 24 cm.
Materials: Reindeer Hide Decorated with Snake Skin. 
Handle of Twisthed Hawthorn and Honeysuckle
Filling : Red Coral, Lava, Snail Shells and Juniper.

Shaman Rattle “Freya Dancing with the Winds”
Price:   1400 188 € / 172 £ / $ 229         
Full Length: 23 cm.  
Materials: Decorated Reindeer Hide with Fur, Copper and Brass Pendants.
Handle of Elder.
Filling : Amber, Flying Rowan and Juniper.

Shaman Rattle.  “Dance of the Forest”
Price:  1400 188 € / 172 £ / $ 229     
Length: 24 cm.
Materials:  Reindeer Hide Decorated with Amber.
Handle of Juniper.
Filling: Peridote, Mother of Pearl, Snail Shells and Juniper.

Shaman Rattle “Wolf Shaman”
Price: 1400 188 € / 172 £ / $ 229
Full Length: 21 cm.
Materials:  Decorated Reindeer Hide with Wolf Fur.
Handle of Birch Root.
Filling:  Lava, Amethyst and Juniper.

Shaman Rattle “Thunder Horse”
Price: 1400 188 € / 172 £ / 229 $   
Full Length: 25 cm.    
Materials:  Decorated Reindeer hide.  
Handle of  Lightning Struck Birch.
Filling: Crystal, Lava and Smoky Quartz.

The Rattle “Night Journey”
Price: 1400 188 € / 172 £ / $ 229  
Full Length: 26 cm.
Materials:  Reindeer hide and Owl Feathers. 
Handle of Oak with Carving.
Filling:  Tiger Eye,Bone, Snail Shells, Cherry Seeds and Juniper.

The Shaman Rattle  “Spirit of the Moose” 
Price: 1400 188 € / 172 £ / 229 $  
Full Length: 24 cm. 
Materials: Reindeer Hide.
Handle of Moose Antler.
Filling: Crystal, Fluorite, Cherryseeds and Juniper.

The Rattle “The Keeper of Secrets”
Price: 1300 175 € / 160 £ / $ 213  
Full Length: 23 cm.
Materials:  Decorated Reindeer Hide with Raven Feathers and Rabbit Fur.
Handle of Birch Root. 
Filling : Peridot, Lava and Juniper.

Shaman Rattle “Magical Vision”
Price:    1400 188 € / 172 £ / $ 229    
Full Length: 23 cm.    
Materials:  Decorated Reindeer Hide with Pearls of Red Garnet.
Handle of Cherry Wood. 
Filling: Amethyst, Red Garnet and Juniper.

The Shaman Rattle  “Raccoon Medicine”     
Price: 1400 €/172 £/$ 229       
Full Length: 23 cm. 
Materials:  Reindeer hide with Racoon Fur.
Handle of Birch Root.
Filling: Flourite, Bone, Lava and Juniper.

Shamanic Karma Sutra Rattles

….. ancient illustrated Hindu love text dealing with the art of Lovemaking as a way to unite with the spiritual world.
The unification of Gods and Goddesses on ancient Hindu sandstone reliefs, and on many of the old Tibetan Tanga Paintings illustrates, besides the love act, the divine union and fusion of the Gods’ and Goddesses’ virtues.  
These relics of sculptures and texts recount that we, through the love act, can reach ecstacy and that we can be reconciled with the spiritual world.

Sexual energy is the source of all life – It is creativity. It is creation.
In the act of love we can let go of our egos and unite body, mind, and spirit. 
The Lovemaking allows us to open and unite with the Wholeness.

Access to the Source of Life, playing, creativity, and creation is essential for us to be living human beings. 

I have created these Shaman Rattles with old Kama Sutra Illustrations, with the focus and intention that they in shamanic practices and for healing purposes may be used to set free the sexual energy and vitality. 

These Shamanic Rattles contain and are composed of differently-scented aphrodisiac seeds, and bark with scent and spirit, so that they may nourish the senses and invite the merging of body, mind, and spirit.
A Gate into the universe of Wholeness.


Shaman Rattles  “Ancient Passion”  
Price:   1700 228 €/ 196 £ / 253 $.
Full Length: 23 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer hide.
Handles of Old Bog Oak.
Filled with: Green Aventurine, Freshwater Pearls, Snail Shells, Cinamon Bark and Juniper.

Shaman Rattles  “Serpent of Life”  
Price:   1700 228 €/ 196 £ / 253 $.
Full Length: 25 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer hide, Snake Skin and Handles of Juniper.
Filled with:  Red Coral, Cinnamon Bark, Cardamom Corn and Juniper.

The Rattle  “Passion of Senses”                                                  
Price:  1700 228 €/ 196 £ / 253 $.
Full Length: 24 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer hide, Wold Fur and Handles of Tvisted Ash.
Filled with:  Amber, Cinnamon Bark, Muscat and Corn.

Shaman Rattles  “Enlightenment”                                                  
Price:  1700 228 €/ 196 £ / 253 $.
Full Length: 27 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer hide and Handles of Juniper Root.
Filled with:  Crystal, Muscat, Cardamom and Juniper.

Connected Shaman Rattles

….. creations of new “tools” often spring from a need that arises during my shamanic work. For journeying. Healing, song, dance and rituals, I have often felt the need to have a Rattle in each hand, preferably with different sounds. This has given me the idea to create these Rattles, that have different sounds as well as energies and at the same time they are linked.

Susanne 🙂

Shaman Rattles  “Bear Medicine”  
Price:  2700 361 €/ 308 £ / 397 $.
Full Length: 24 / 24 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer hide with  Bear Fur, Bone and Brass Beads.
Handles of Twisted Birch.
Filling:  Red Jaspis, Lava, Beads of Brass and Cherry Seeds / 
Bone, Snail Shells, Flying Rowan, Sea Shells and 1 Brass Bell.

Shaman Rattles   “Spirit of the Ancestors “
Price: 2700 361 €/ 308 £ / 397 $.
Full Length: 23 / 24 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer Hide.
Handles of Juniper Root.
Filling; Ruby, Red Coral, Bone, and Lava// Red Grenades, Red Jaspis, Hematite, Lava  and  Juniper.

Shaman Rattles “Graceful Deer Spirit” 
Price:   2700 361 €/ 308 £ / 397 $. 
Full Length: 24 / 24 cm.
Materials:   Decorated Reindeer Hide.
Handels of Deer Antler. 
Filling;  Red Jasper, Snail Shells and Juniper // Bone, Beach Shells and Flying Rowan.

Shaman Rattles “Ancient Wolf Medicine”
Price:  2700 361 €/ 308 £ / 397 $.
Full Length: 28 / 28 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer Hide with Wolf Fur. 
Handle of Old Bog Oak.
Filling; Bone, Snail Shells  and Juniper // Bone, Lava and Snail Shells.

The Amazing Work of the Beavers


The rattles below is made with handles of birch, that has been cut down and debarked by beavers 🙂

Beaver Rattle  “Joyful Water Spirit”  
Price: 1300 175 Euro/ 150 £ / $ 193  
Full Length: 24 cm.
Materials: Reindeer hide, with Fur and Blue Corals.
Handle of  “Beaver-Birch”. 
Filling: Blue and White Corals, Freshwater Pearls and Sea Shells.

Beaver Rattle “Vision of New Paths” 
Price: 1200 161 Euro / 149 £ / 192 $  
Full Length: 25 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer hide, “Beaver-Birch” and Beaver Fur.
Filling: Freshwater Pearls and Sea Shells .

Beaver Rattle “Water Spirit”
Price: 1200 161 Euro/ 149 £ / $ 192
Full Length: 22 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer hide, “Beaver-Birch” and Beaver Fur. 
Filling : Freshwater pearls and Snail Shells.

Feed Back on Rattles

Dear Erik and Susanne,

I received your marvelous Northern Light Bell Rattle today. I love it!! Thank you!
With love and blessings!
Sandra Ingerman – USA

Hi Erik and Susanne,
I have received my Shaman rattle, much appreciated for it.
I have unwrapped the rattle and I saw the rattle and their was a kind of recognition by a little spark In my belly.  
Like a kind of reunification. Not in this life time, but from an other life time.
So I smudged my rattle and I have tried it, I am loving it!
Thank you for the links that you have send.
I am very gratefull.
Thank you again and the best wishes -To you both.
Rita,The Netherlands


Dear Susanne and Erik,
Yes! The rattle The Spirits of Water just arrived safe. She is so beautiful, thank you for your beautiful work.
She feels really good.
Bless you and much love, Marloes,The Netherlands.

Dear Susanne and dear Erik,
As you can see that shaman rattle arrived save.
Welcoming the rattle with the juniper I got already a great impression from its wonderful sound range. And it’s very light though the hand follows easily the move of the rattle/ spirit.
Susanne im astonished of your „craftswomenship“!!! 🙂
Thanks a lot, Rolf, Germany

Dear Susanne and Erik,
my shaman rattle arrived today in perfect condition.
And again, my rattle is a wonderful handmade unique combination of natural materials with a loving design 🙂
Thank you very much Susanne for your inspiring and detailed work!
I want to thank you for your perfect service and secure shipping of my rattle, too.
Best wishes for both of you, too.
Kind regards, Michael, Heinzabern, Germany.

Dear Susanne & Erik:
The shaman rattle Water is Life has been received well 😊! It totally catches my senses – the beautiful colour that allow my eyes to take a deep dive in, the soft and flowing touch of the stick that would like me to keep it forever in my hands, the sound that seems to open the universe immediately. All that surrounded with the stunning scent of the Juniper incense. 🙏 Thank you 🙏!!!! I‘m pretty sure that lots of wonderful moments will wait for me with this heartfelt being. It was indeed love at first sight and somehow I feel more complete although I didn‘t feel less complete or uncomplete before😊!
My best wishes to both of you!

Andrea, Austria

Hello I received my Shaman Rattles today they are absolutely beautiful, there is no doubt that they were made for me ✨
Thank you –
Shelley Ireland

Dear Erik and Susanne,
My shaman rattle arrived!! I am a bit in love with it 😁.
Thank you so very much for this beautiful tool ❤️.
With gratitude, Jane, Portland, Origon

Hi Susanne and Erik,
The shaman rattle ‘Raven heart’ has arrived!! She is exactly what I hoped for and feels great in the hand. You can feel that everything was made with love.
I still have to practice a bit with the different rhythms and speed of the shaking, but we’ll be fine. Thank you again for receiving this instrument! I’m curious what it will bring me and my environment. The start was good …
Have a great evening and who knows, see you soon!
With kind regards, Jolijn, The Netherlands

The shaman rattle has arrived! Just in time for a vision quest this weekend! Thank you it’s gorgeous.
With love, Marjolijn, The Netherlands.

Hello Erik, Susanne !
Thanks a lot for the Shaman rattle. It is absolutely gorgeous ! I love it and love the sound it make. I did a meditation with it last night and I can feel that it is very powerful.

Thanks a lot for the shamanic work, the spirit and the love it takes for you to make the rattle.
Thanks again ! Have a good day !
Take care ! – Albanne,  France.

Hello, I am writing to let you know I have just received the White Wolf Rattle.  She was in holding for some time but was finally shipped and all is well.  The shaman rattle is beautiful and has a powerful sound.  I am so grateful for the love you put into your tools.  I also appreciate the juniper incense gift and lovely bag to go with.  I will cherish both my rattles for many years to come. Many Blessings to you.

In Gratitude, Nicole, USA

Hello, I am writing to let you know I received The Spiritual Warrior rattle today.  It was very exciting opening and holding the shaman rattle.  It has so much energy and sounds like thunder!  It is very powerful.  The sound gives me chills.  I plan to smudge and cleanse, and welcome it home properly.  Thank you again for the juniper sticks. They smell amazing! I am excited to receive the White Wolf as well and am grateful for any information you might provide about the intension that went into it.  You have a lovely eye for making these tools.  I get so excited seeing your new rattles and drums posted.  The love you pour into your work shows.
In Gratitude, Nicole,  USA

Oh my… were so right the beautiful rattle was meant to be! I’m astounded by the feelings that came on meeting them both. They feel both related to each other & connected to my energy. I sobbed & laughed hysterically in unison. I’m overjoyed & so very grateful x
Wow! They are home thank you 💜💙
Sharon x

Hi Susanne,
The Shaman Rattle arrived safely on Saturday, thank you very much for the prompt shipping and robust packaging.
Kindest regards,
Huw, UK

Hello Susanne and Erik,
Yesterday I received the shaman rattle.
Today I took him to my work, not yet to use him, more for the feeling.
I feel we have to learn to now one another, and it will become a beautiful relation.
Its a powerfull instrument that I can feel instandly.
My hands have to learn to listen how to move her for the different sounds needed.
Thanks for the extra information and the smudge.
The Ocean Mother found a new home,

best wishes Carine, Belgium


Hi Susanne, hi Erik,
just wanted to inform you that the shaman rattle, Sacred Dance has arrived home :). Beautiful, beautiful craftsmanship (and the bulletproof package).

All the best, Bruno, Rijeka, Croatia

I have just picked the shaman rattle up from the post office as I was not home when it was delivered. The lunar eclipse happened less than an hour ago here. It is perfect timing.
I simply love it and before I took it out of the bag it felt like such a coming home to my heart . A deep reunion and crying . As I listened to the rattle it took me into the Dreamtime, the place I know and love as my home.
Many many thanks. Alison xx, UK. “

Hi Erik & Susanne 
Thank you very much😊 I received the beautiful Racoon Rattle 2 days ago and believe I felt the arrival date to Tallinn😊.
The shaman Rattle has very strong and vibrating energy and it sounds just I wished to. So I carry my Little Racoon with me every day to everywhere (hidden in handbag😊) to create the strong bond between us.
Thank you also for juniper sticks, I did the nice smudge welcome and it smells good.
I wish you the White Road and hopefully we will met some day😊
Best wishes Piret, Tallinn, Estonia

The Shaman rattles arrived today!
They are all in perfect condition and even more beautiful than I could have imagined.
They look spectacular.
They sound wonderful.
They smell exciting.
The packing was done very well.
Thank you so much.
Joe, Texas, USA

Hello  Susanne and Erik,
I received the Shaman Rattle today and… it is a real gem! I love it, love the colour, love the sound, love the handle which fits perfectly in my hand and above all love the magical energy!!! It takes me in no time in another world, no more thinking just being! Like meeting a very good friend… even better…

When I saw the Rattle the first time (on your website) I knew it was special and it was as if it called me… so it arrived at his final destination, his home. I will keep and cherish it for the rest of my days!

Thank you so much for all the love and attention that you put into making this beautiful Shamanic tools! Wish you can do this for still a very long time so that many people can enjoy these wonderful things you make!

Wish you all the best and more then 1.000x Thank You! You are both really blessed! 🙏🙏🙏

Françoise Belgium.

Dear Susanne & Erik,
The Shaman Rattle “Sun Gazing Wolf” has found its way home! :o) What a beautiful shamanic creation! I love everything about it: the way the shaman rattle head is formed, with the sun spiral painted on it, the wolf fur and its smell, the wonderfully moulded handle..and above all: the spirit around it. It feels very familiar to hold it in my hand, just like a part of my own body. I do also like the rattling sound of it. To make a long story short: it’s a perfect guide to the spiritual dimension and I feel honoured to be its guardian.

Thank you from heart for making me so happy with this little creature! It means a lot to me. Thank you!
be blessed, both of you!
Simone, Passau, Germany

Dear Susanne, dear Erik
Mahakala has arrived today !!! I must say, this is my most wonderful shamanic rattle I have of yours although I love all my rattles of yours 🙂

This will be deeply transformative too as it arrives on the blue electric eagle energy from today, which is also my birth Maya Kin.

There are stunning synchronicities between Mahakala Spirit and me as I am also an artist and an artisan. Like Mahakala.

With all my gratitude to have created this miraculous wonder rattle, a powerful paraphernalia for my shamanic healing work !!!

Sending you all my love from Germany to Denmark,

I also thank you for the incense, of course I immediately gave blessings and a very warm welcome to Mahakala,

Now she is resting with the other rattles, the red twin rattles MOTHER EARTH and THE POWER OF THE WOMAN,

which I use for all invocation and opening each ceremony and healing session, I always sing while I do my healing,

the JOURNEY INTO CONSCIOUSNESS Snake-Spirit Rattle, which is a very strong tool for Shamanic Object Doctoring

The small DANCING SHAMAN rattle which I use for Powersongs and Healing Arts, and now MAHAKALA !!!


Sánchez-Palencia. PHOENIX DANCE,  Germany.

Hi Erik and Susanne,
Thank you so much for this exquisite shaman rattle. I am in love! I also want to thank you for your warm encouragement and support and for sharing ways to connect and welcome my new friend.

I just saw your video on Instagram of your kitchen and it is so beautiful. One day I will have to try your smudges and teas! The juniper you sent me smells divine!
Have a beautiful day!
Love and light, Melissa, New York, USA

We have received the Mandala journey rattle and Instantly connected with it. It had a very light and tranquil energy and seems to work along most of the chakras. I have meditated and performed a ritual with it yesterday and today I slept all day, totally exhausted. So it did something quite spectacular. I feel clean and pure and full of energy with a clear mind. Incredible handicraft as well, as the other rattle. Very grateful, thank you.

I have never touched or used rattles that come even close to the “energy” and power of yours. 
I have my eyes set on a drum ☺️
Have a great day!

Kind regards, Dan, Helsingborg, Sweden.

Dear Susanne & Erik,
I am writing with much gratitude about the arrival of my Shaman Drum “Snowy Owl and The Shaman Rattle “Grace”, as well as the beautiful drum stick, that feels just right in my hand, and has a nice felted head with lovely dual-colored locks attached. Everything was wrapped in a gorgeous velvet bag and securely packaged.
The Juniper smudge, you sent, was lit to welcome the spirits and to guide them here and home.

Today is a very hot summer day and snowy owl graced us with her cool blessings. Grace has a crisp sound, that matches beautifully.
When I started drumming, we went far into distant lands, where time and gravity no longer exist and we enjoyed a cool breeze, one we earthlings will still anticipate down here for a few more days.
Interestingly Planet Mercury entered the sign of Leo today, shifting from the watery and sensitive sign of Cancer into the forward thinking fire sign of Leo, which encourages us to seperate from anything that feels stagnant and in favor of expansion.
The arrival was exquisitly timed by the spirits, as Mercury’s entrance into Leo will promote literally sacred, spirited communication as well as fierce, creative expression.
Thank you so much for these wonderful tools, they will be steady companions from now on.

Petra L. Germany

Dear Susanne and Erik,
This work of yours again leaves me without words and I am in love with your newest shamanic artwork.
A true blessing as a powerful piece of spiritual paraphernalia, the „Journey into Consciousness“.
Although I love all the very special items – I have meanwhile a stunning selection – from you !!!
On Top of the shamanic Artwork I appreciate the warm collaboration and the trustworthiness.
My Shaman Rattle „Journey into Consciousness“ has arrived safely today and it snuggles already with the „Dancing Shaman“ Rattle.
Both of them will go with me to Seattle this summer where I join the newest three year program with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies USA. The Rattlesnake issue is a main important spirit helper of mine.
Thank you both for your magic creations !!!
Many greetings from Germany to both of you,
Jessica Sánchez-Palencia, Stuttgart, Germany, Phoenix Dance® 

Dear Eric and Susanne,
Thank you so much the shaman rattle arrived today and it is as beautiful as the photo I am looking forward to bond with it.
I will certainly recommend you to my family and friends.
Warm Regards Tracey, Schoenenbuch, Switzerland

Dear Susanne and Erik,
My shamanic Rattle Medicine Woman has arrived. I’m a bit lost for words – it’s the most beautiful guide and companion I could wish for.
Thank you for creating her.
Warmest regards,
Gabi, Singapore 

I received the shamanic rattles.   They are super.  Love the sounds each one makes. Thank you so much for sharing your gifted talent with us.
Have a wonderful holiday season.
Smiles and good thoughts,
Pamela, Stamford, Ct – US. 

Dear Erik and Susanne, 
Just to let you know the Shaman rattle has arrived safe and sound, lovely!!  I will so look forward to using it!
All the best  
Giselle, Surrey, UK. 

I received my gorgeous and very powerful shamanic rattle yesterday. Thank you so much.
Loves and gratitude
Maree, Oxfordshire, UK 

Dear Susanne,
My Shaman Rattle has arrived! When I unpacked it, I felt like I was welcoming home a dear friend. Your exquisite craftsmanship takes my breath away and the rattle resonates with the deep shamanic prayers with which you brought it to life. It is my great honor to be the keeper of such a tool.
Truly, thank you with all my heart!
Dominique – Seattle, USA

Hello and good evening to you both,
 Your wonderful Shamans Rattle ” The Black Raven” arrived today, wahoo! I wasn’t expecting it for another week or so, I am glad that it worked out. I have a Shamanic healing ceremony tomorrow, and I am excited to begin working with it.
Thank you for all of your wonderful work and magic,
Monika Healing Coyote – Columbia, Maryland USA 

Hi Erik & Susanne,
I received my Northern Light Singing Ball Rattle & it is so beautiful! The sound is incredible & very healing. Thank you for your beautiful work. 
Many blessings to you,
Nicole, Chicago, USA 

Hi Susanne,Rattles arrived yesterday and they are truly beautiful!
Thank you so much for packing them so well.
With deep gratitude and appreciation,
Robert, Queensland, Australia

Dear Susanne,
your package arrived on Thursday already! Two days from you to me – wow!
Actually, it’s difficult to find words for describing my feelings when unwrapping the box, but I’ll try it. Both rattles are absolutely beautiful with a strong energy and magic aura emanating from them.
When I saw the one you’ve created for me – the “Water-healing”-rattle – it made me smile and gave me a wonderfully warm feeling inside.
The “Tundra Horses” made me cry..not in a dramatic sense, but it felt like getting in touch with a very old, dear and familiar friend..a creature I must have known back in ancient times. This rattle is very, very special! I’d say it’s an extraordinary work of art with all its special pieces of material and how you’ve melted them together to bear that creature – but it simply doesn’t do justice for what it means to me.
Thank you so much for giving birth to those wonderful rattle-beings. It’s an extraordinary talent you have. Thank you! 
Be blessed,
Simone – Germany