Shamanic drum building Courses

Describtion of courses in Drum building

– A combination of craftsmanship and shamanic journey! 

Experience our 5-day exciting and intensive workshops, where the process of creating your own unique Shaman Drum becomes a personal spiritual adventure.

We offer you 5 exiting, intensive days with an introduction to shamanic journey. – And absorption into the Shamanic world as we move on with the creation af our Shaman Drums. 
Through many different shamanic journeys  we will initiat individual and collective spirituel experiences. – And little by little you will  establish a very special relationship with your Drum as a partner in shamanic work.

The shamanic journeys (drumming journeys) are an important part of our workshop. 
The participants are invited to take notes as well as to share their journeys with the group.
We consider a shamanic journey as a gift.  For self reflection and to express and share the experience is important for one self. – And a worthwhile experience for the listener.  

Beside the shamanic journeys, the group will practice various ways of drumming.  All ready from the first day – ( on borrowed Drums.)
We will also use rattles, work with sound and motions.  In order to tune in to our power animals and helpers in the spiritual world. 
To our experience the amount of drumming and ratteling will rise a high energi within the group.
We will also spend time in nature to find power. This with the purpose to get connected to the spiritual world and to get help to create our Drums .

Since building a shaman drum is a very intensive process we have chosen to make the courses residential courses. We combine craftsmanship and shamanic journey. We anticipate  5 days and 4 nights. 

The workshop will be from around 9.30 in the morning till late evening.

The last night is a very special night! This is when the Drum “is born” and this night will also be a watch night where those who have the urge, can sing, dance, travel. Or you can just sleep in the room where the drums get their unique sound.

There is no special prerequisites to attend the workshop. Appart from desire to work with your hands and an openness and willingness to be part of the community and the group energy generated.
We will also guide you through the practical part of the work.


On location you will receive following materials for your drum: 1 handmade frame of birch, beech, pine or ash, 35-50cm diameter. 1 drum head of reindeer, about 30 handmade wooden pegs for mounting the head. Different plant dies for dieing the head, and felt of wool for your drum stick.

Practical matters, – time, place, accommodations, price and such are all depending on where we have the courses.

In order to participate in these courses you do not need to be familiar with the shamanic journey or practice. 
The workshop includes an introduction to this practice.
If you have doubts or if you think that this is probably not for you, Please, give us a call !

You do not need previous acquired skill for the practical part of the course.

Feel free to contact us concerning info about next course

International Workshop 

Build your own Shaman Drum in the idyllic Finnforest, Sweden. 

   Place: Älvhöjden 207,   714 92 Kopparberg,  Sweden.
To see Location in Sweden take a look at Google Map:  ÄLVHÖJDEN 207

The workshops takes place on an idyllic Swedish farm located in the beautiful “Finnskogen” / The Finnforest. The farm is spacious both in-doors and out-doors and the surroundings are peacefull and quiet with a wonderful, magical and wild nature. 
There are many different wild herbs and lots of wild blueberries every where.
The animal life in the area includes: Wolves, bears, moose, dear, lynx, beavers etc. – though they are rarely seen.
The price covers all materials for your Drum as well as accomodation in nice and friendly 2-3 people bedrooms. There are also fine kitchen and shower facilities. 

Workshop :

Wednesday   –   Sunday 

We are taking a break with Drum building courses !
But still do shaman drums and rattles in the same spirit 

Total Price: …. 780 Euro – Exlusive food

 Deposit 230 Euro 
The rest 550 Euro at latest July 1´th.

 Further Information. 

Due to long distance travellers it is possible to arrive 1 day ahead of the workshop – and to stay one day after.
Payment for this extra accommodation will be: 15 Euro pr. night.
There will be quilt covers and pillows at the place and you can bring your own linen (This way you will also have something to wrap around your Drum on your way home ) – or you can rent linen at the place for :  7 Euro. You are also wellcome to bring a sleeping bag.
The Participants bring their own food – The closest Supermarket is in Kopparberg.

The railway station in Kopparberg  is connected to the rest of Sweden / Europe.
For participants arriving by train we will arrange a pick up at the railway station – Including the possibility to do some shopping before heading for the place in the forrest. 

For participants arriving by plane, the nearest airport is “Stockholm – Arlanda” – By bus to the railway station in Stockholm you can catch a train to Kopparberg. 


The Booking will take place in the order – first come first served principle. 
according to when we receive your deposit !

For further information and to sign up contact Erik or Susanne: 


tlf.: +45 62800052 mobil:  +45 23703005


Pictures from workshops in Sweden

Pictures from workshops in Denmark



Participant – Comments

The shamanic drumbuilding workshop was one of the best experiences I had in my life so far. From the moment I arrived at the workshop place I had a certain feeling of peace and calm in and allaround me. Meeting Susanne and Erik for the first time was like seeing friends you know from a time very long ago (wich I belive they actually are). The whole course starting from the accommodation to the participants to the practical work was experienced by me very well prepared and in a flow. With every shamanic journey, every step in the drum building I could feel, that I’m not with people who do their job but follow their vocation. The beautiful nature at the workshop place added the rest to this unforgettable adventure. For me maybe the best thing about this unique workshop was the humor Susanne and especially Erik showed during our work. The fact, that I was able to take part in this very special drum building workshop makes me believe, that all the spirits and Life itself love me very much. I just can highly recommand this workshop to everybody who is interessted in shamanism and a life connected to nature.

Georg Eder, Graz, Austria

Dance and Shamanism

What is the connection between oriental dance, shamanism, and our own roots?  Can we revive old rituals and can we benefit from them?

Oriental dance was originally a fertility ritual honoring Mother Earth.

The essence of this dance was an illustration of the circle of life, – lovemaking, birth, the joy of life, and death. – In the Middle East you will still today be able to recognize that transitional theme in the women’s dancing.

Old fertility figurines, shaped as half women half animal suggests that the worship of Mother Earth some 20, -30.000 years ago was shamanic. If so, – the oriental dance can very well be rooted in a shamanic fertility ritual.

Shamanism is the oldest spiritualism we know. It pivots around the the relationship between and nature around us – everything living.

Oriental dance is also referred to as “the oldest dance”.

About the courses:

The courses are residential courses. – typically from Friday evening till Sunday afternoon. 

The courses combines the foundation in shamanic practice and the part of oriental dance which is related to rituals and trance dance.

Through guided traveling inside our body and back in time, we will try to find our inner recourses, our ancestors and we will wake up slumbering memories and individual potential.

Through shamanic journeys to the three worlds  we will seek contact with our Power Animals and with our spirit guides.

Through the oriental dance, – grounding alignment and balance we will work toward embracing hidden possibilities in our body and we will experience how our own body is a “spiritual tool”. A tool that can give you a more thorough contact to your self,  your ancient female power, and the spirituality within you.

The courses are all about the joy of dance, creativity, concentration, focus, and purpose, – but also about letting go!