Shamanic Drums for Sale

with handmade woodenpegs

The work with the Shaman Drum: The very substance in shamanism is that all life is connected and that everything has a soul. That goes for the Shaman Drum as well. Therefore a good beginning will be getting to know the Drum. The coalition with the Shaman Drum is based on respectful relationship: You start out by gently playing, listening and feeling your way to the knowledge of it's uniqueness. Thereby the relationship will expand until you play the Drum...and the Drum plays you!

The shaman drum is your tool  “a gateway to an alter reality” A fine and unique tool that requires careful treatment. The Shaman Drum is also called “the shaman’s horse” as the shaman travels on it’s sound.​

 In some native American tribes it is said that the spirit of the Drum lives in the center of the Drum. Subsequently they never play directly in the middle. Also it is our experience that the riches tones are to be found between the center and the rim on the Drums we build! Our Shaman Drums are for the most part oval, – it is our experience that this particular shape enhances the powerful resonance and optimizes the harmonics. The suspended handle also serves to amplify “the Drums own song”. When you acquire a Shaman Drum, we recommend that you journey and ask for knowledge of the spirit, uniqueness, and energy of that particular Drum. Take your time getting to know your Shaman Drum.

Shaman Drum: The very substance in shamanism is that all life is connected and that everything has a soul. That goes for the Shaman Drum as well. Therefore a good beginning will be getting to know the Drum. The coalition with the Shaman Drum is based on respectful relationship: You start out by gently playing, listening and feeling your way to the knowledge of it’s uniqueness. Thereby the relationship will expand until you play the Drum…and the Drum plays you! The Shaman Drum is your tool! “a gateway to an alter reality” A fine and unique tool that requires careful treatment. The Shaman Drum is also called “the shaman’s horse” as the shaman travels on it’s sound.

In some native American tribes it is said that the spirit of the Drum lives in the center of the Drum. Subsequently they never play directly in the middle. Also it is our experience that the riches tones are to be found between the center and the rim on the Drums we build! Our Shaman Drums are for the most part oval, – it is our experience that this particular shape enhances the powerful resonance and optimizes the harmonics.The suspended handle also serves to amplify “the Drums own song”.  When you acquire a Shaman Drum, we recommend that you journey and ask for knowledge of the spirit, uniqueness, and energy of that particular Drum. Take your time getting to know your Shaman Drum.

Shaman Drum:  “Midgard”
Price: 5200 / 697 € / 598 £ / $ 754   
Size: 56 x 55 cm.  Weight: 1310 gram.
Materials:  Reindeer Hide, Frame of Ash (Height 6½ cm.) Handle of Reindeer Antler and pins of Beech wood.

 –  –  –

Shaman Drum:  “Spirit of the Eagle”
Price: 4200 / 563 € / 483 £ / $ 612
Size: 45 x 57 cm.    Weight: 820 gram.
Materials:  Decorated Reindeer Hide, Frame of Pine (Height 7 cm.) Handle and pins of Beech wood.

 –  –  –

Shaman Drum:  “The Element of Fire”
Price: 3700 / 497 € / 437 £ / $ 545
Size: 45 x 55 cm.    Weight: 855 gram.
Materials: Reindeer Hide.
Frame of Ash (Height 6 cm.) Handle and pins of Beech wood.

 –  –  –

Shaman Drum : “From the Dawn of Time”     
Price: 3300 / 442 € / 381 £ / $ 472
Size: 40 x 49 cm. Weight: 794 gram
Materials:  Reindeer hide.
Frame of Ash ( Height 7 cm.) Handel of Birch and Pins of Beech Wood.

Shaman Drum: “Spirit of the Raven”     
Price:   3700 / 497 € /  437 £ / $ 545
Size: 45 x 44 cm.    Weight: 800 gram 
Materials: Decorated Reindeer hide, Frame of Ash( Height 7 cm.) Handel of Birch Wood and pins of Beech Wood.

 –  –  –

Shaman Drum :  “Gaia”      
Price:   5200 / 697 € / 598 £ / $ 754    
Size:  56 x 58 cm.   Weight:  1140 gram
Materials:  Reindeer hide, Frame of  Ash  ( Height 6 cm. ) Handel of Reindeer Antler and Pins of Beech wood.

 –  –  –

Shaman Drum: “Path of the Wolf”     
Price:  3100 / 416 € / 358 £ / $ 443    
Size: 35 x 37  cm.    Weight:  525 gram
Materials: Reindeer hide. Frame of Ash ( Height 5½ cm. ) Handel of Reindeer Antler and pins of Beech Wood.

 –  –  –

Shaman Drum : “Vision of the Owl”       
Price:  3700 497 € / 437 £ / $ 545
Size: 45 x 45 cm.    Weight:  925 gram
Materials: Reindeer hide, Frame of Ash ( Height 7 cm. ) Handel of Silver Poplar and Pins of Beech wood.

 –  –  –

Shaman Drum : “The Sacred Entrance”     
Price:  3900 /524 € / 457 £ / $ 578
Size:  47 x 58 cm.   Weight:  930 gram
Materials: Reindeer hide, Frame of Pine ( Height 7 cm). Handel of Reindeer Antler and pins of Beech wood.

 –  –  –

Shaman Drum:   “The Spirit Walker”     
Price:  5600 738 € / 639 £ / $ 813     
Size: 56 x 67 cm.     Weight: 1630 gram.
Materials:  Reindeer hide.  Frame of Ash  ( Height  6½ cm. ) Handle of Reindeer Antler and extra Leather Handle. Pins of Beech Wood.

 –  –  –

Shaman Drum: “Dragon of Fire”    
Price: 3600 / 483 € / 413 £ / $ 522    
Size: 39 x 49 cm.    Weight: 790 gram.
Materials:  Decorated Reindeer hide and Frame of Ash (Height 7 cm). Handel of Reindeer Antler with Leather and Pins of Beech Wood.

 –  –  –

Shaman Drum  “Gabba, The White Reindeer”
Price:  4100 / 549 € / 473 £ / $ 586   
Size: 45 x 44 cm.   Weight: 830 gram 
Materials: Decorated Reindeer Hide, Frame of Ash (Height 7 cm). Handel of Reindeer Antler and Pins of Beech wood.

 –  –  –

Shaman Drum : “Song of the Whales”     
Price: 3100 / 416 € / 358 £ / $ 443 
Size: 35 x 42 cm.     Weight: 540 gram.
Materials: Reindeer hide, Frame of Ash ( Height 5½ cm. ) Handle of Reindeer Antler and pins of Beech Wood.

 –  –  –

Shaman Drum:  “Medicine Woman”     
Price: 5100 / 684 € / 584 £ / $ 741    
Size: 57 x 58 cm.    Weight:  1090 gram
Materials:  Reindeer hide.
Frame of Pine ( Height 7 cm).
Handel of Reindeer Antler with Leather  and Pins of Beech Wood.

 –  –  –

Shaman Drum : “Rise of the Red Moon”   
Price:    3400 / 456 € / 391 £ / $ 493
Size: 47 x 46 cm.    Weight:  770 gram
Materials: Reindeer hide, Frame of Pine ( Height 6½ cm.) Handel of Juniper and pins of Beech wood.

 –  –  –

Shaman Drum: “The Cosmic Serpent”     
Price: 4500 / 603 € / 517 £ / $ 655   
Size: 45 x 55 cm.     Weight: 950 gram
Materials:  Decorated Reindeer Hide, frame of Ash (Height 6½ cm.) Handel of Reindeer Antler and pins of Beech wood.

 –  –  –

Drum Sticks

Shaman Drum Stick of Felt … Price: 275 / 37 Euro / 34 £ / 37 $    Gives the best sound to our Drums !

Mails from our Customers 

Hi both, 
I just wanted to let you know that my beautiful shaman drum arrived. It arrived just in time for a deep earth emersion training program. We travelled deeply together. 
Song of the sirens is beautiful and I am in awe of your magical work. This is one powerful talisman x 
Thank you sooooo very much 
Sonia x, Birmingham, UK
Dear Erik,
I received the shaman drum today, thanks for the nice packaging.
I had play the drum with shaman’s energy, I can feel the drum happily with me and the sound of the drum is so nice.
I love the drum so much! It’s exquisite craftsmanship.
Looking forward to my second drum 😄
Regards Tasha, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hello Erick and Susanne.
I just received the shaman drum this morning and it is really magnificent, a big thank you for the work done. looking forward to it.
Victor, Plateau des Petites Roches, France.

Dear Erik and Susanne
today I went to town to bring my drum home.
When I carefully unboxed her my heart was beating as if I was falling in love… And when I held her finally in my hand, when we got in touch, it just felt like everything was falling into place. I can not describe it better than this way: it feels like having met a soul I have waited for my whole life so far, it feels like she is a part of mine, as if now I am more complete… And I am so very grateful for that. Thank you, the both of you, for making this possible.
The drum is truly a piece of art in a handcrafted and spirited way. The beautiful, delightful painting and the carefully placed furr are making it perfectly complete and I can feel that the both of you are so in touch with the pieces you are crafting… it is amazing. I feel very blessed and gifted by this drum.
Tomorrow I will give her a warm welcome, propably with the juniper sticks you send with the drum – and thank you also for the matching stick and golden bag, it is a perfect triplet. <3
I am very, very happy and am sure that the bond I already feel to this drum will get even deeper and stronger – I could not have asked for more. 
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
The best wishes to the both of you, Evelyn, Sweden

The drum arrived! Thank you so much for making this exquisite drum. We are connecting already and now that Dance of the Ancestors is in my life, everything that’s led to this point makes sense. 

The sound of the drum is beyond dreams!
Eternal thanks Erik and Susanne!!!
With love and blessings,

Chloe, California

Hi Susanne and Erik,
My Shaman Drum “Anubis” was delivered early this morning🥰.
Thank You for the wonderful packaging and juniper sticks.
She sounds wonderful and is a good travel size 😍. So happy she is here.
My very first Shaman drum “Eagle” was also from you both 8 years ago and he still sounds as wonderful as the first time he arrived in humid Singapore!
He is always well received in the drum circles I attended and is much envied!
Best Regards and Love
Kee Bee.  Singapore

Good afternoon Erik and Susanne,
The shaman drum Rhythm of the Sacred Fire has arrived in my hands today… I am immensely grateful to you for this sacred gift.
I send you endless blessings.
Kal, Italy

Dear Erik and Susanne,
now I had the time to really meet up with my drum, flame of the heart.
She is breathtaking beautiful and her tone is clear and dark and full of power.
I am very grateful.
Kind regards, Anna, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Dear Susanne & dear Erik,
Thank you for creating The Lizard. It’s such a great gift. It’s true, we belong together.
Lizard chose me with its sound and I am very thankful that I listened to my heart.
Lizard arrived within three days and was packaged with so much love and care. And I celebrate a “hello and welcome” ceremony  with the added little juniper sticks, such a wonderful lovely idea and gift.
From the beginning of its journey to me, Lizard communicated with me in the form of a power animal. And I was so happy when it arrived. Now we get to know each other every day. I drum in different ways every day and we connect deeper and stronger. I’m learning to understand its language better and better. It is the beginning of a wonderful, deep friendship and I have a faithful companion and ally at my side who introduces me to other worlds, accompanies me to wonderful places of power and shows me completely new dimensions.
A deep thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Wonderful Christmas time and a happy new year for you both. May it bring everything that is important for the developement of your highest good and being.
Verena, Penzberg, Germany.

Dear Susanne and Erik,
My “Once Upon A Time” shaman drum arrived, and I could not be happier!
It is expertly crafted, visually and sonically beautiful, powerful, full of presence and possibility.
I am deeply grateful for this new companion and the journeys and adventures we will share.
Thank you both so much for bringing so much joy and blessing into the world with your very special creations.
Warm regards, Catherine, San Francisco, USA

Dear Erik, dear Susanne.
My shaman drum arrived today and I love it. I love the sound, I love the size, I love its looks, I love everything!
Love SaMae, Haseldorf, Germany

Hey Erik & Susanne,
I received drum and rattle and I love them both 🙂 ✨👍 your work is astonishing, full of power, love and passion. Thanks again for your great work and those deeply energetic tools. I will treat and use them very well 🙂
Best wishes Christoph, Bad Steben, Germany”
Best wishes and love


Dear Erik and Susanne,
My shaman drum arrived today and it’s the most beautiful and powerful drum I have ever touched and played. I’ve been working from home so I ran to the door when I saw the postman  😀
Thank you so much for packing the drum and drumstick so securely and for including a bag for moisture protection. I blessed my drum on arrival and will do a ritual later today to welcome it to my home, my heart and spirit as well as meditating for gratitude for both of you.
I’m so grateful for crossing paths with you through this special  drum as I go through my spiritual journey. I will protect and honour my drum.
Sending my gratitude from Australia.
Best wishes Fey, Melbourne.

Dear Erik and Susanne,
Just to let you know that my beautiful drum has finally arrived here with me.  It is amazing, thank you so much!  And thank you also for the drumstick.
They are really very special and the work that has gone into them is beyond words.
Thank you!
Very best wishes
Debbie, Oxford, UK

Dear Susanne and Erik,
yesterday I received my shaman drum “Molnir”.
It is very beautiful and sounds awesome.
My wife and I already played our new instruments together.
It gives a lot of inspiration.
We really appreciate your work a lot and take good care of it.
Best wishes, Helmut & Grace, Germany

Hey Susann and Erik
The Shaman Drum, The FireWalker has reached its new home where it probably was destined to be. It’s beautiful. A unique and amazing piece of art. I burnt a piece of that Juniper (right ?) wood and welcomed it (or him, I think I see it as a male) properly. I tried it, the sound was high, tried again, and again, till the sound became lower and more profound. I think he just got used to me as I got used to him. Thank you again a million time for your incredible work. I’m so proud to own such a piece of art. I will cherish it.
Yann, Switzerland.

Hi Susanne & Eric,
Have the need to thank you for my drum. She is with me for many years and I love her.
Everytime she sounds different and sometimes I hear my ancestors sing. Its a big joy having her with me. And knowing that she comes from the north connecting the world.
She is very powerfull and loud and I love that. Big hug and to you may blessings 💗
Christine Italy.

Dear Susanne, Dear Erik,
Thank you soooo much.
Drum, drum stick and Juniper are landed in Berlin. All was so beautiful packed and it is re-usable that’s great!
I also like your description what to do with the drum within the first weeks – it’s very helpful. 
I thought waiting until new moon to celebrate the welcome party but I couldn’t…
So I just did it and welcomed the Shaman drum and the drum stick with the fire & the amazing smell of the Juniper.
And while the welcome drumming and connecting with the spirits of the drum, I saw the Ancestors coming from the back holding lights in their hands and being ready for their support what ever will be to do.
So I’m deeply touched and I’m very grateful that you are made that happen with your work. 
I’m blessing you and your amazing work.
Best wishes, Silvia, Berlin, Germany

Beautiful shaman drum received!!
Wow! So incredible!! It’s first heartbeat was incredible to hear, so rich and lovely..
First blessings, then we played! It loves to sing and brings pure joy to my heart. There were very special signs that came through with its arrival. Thank you for birthing this beautiful creation of great power, happiness and healing.
Much love to you both,
🌈Gina, Santa Barbara, USA

The shaman drum just arrived and it’s in perfect condition. I am so happy to see it, it is so beautiful and special and really speaks to my heart 🧡

Thank you also for the beautiful packaging and the Juniper sticks, i will make a nice welcoming ceremony for her 🙏
Thank you so much for everything!! 🤗
Blessings, Irina, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Dear Erik dear Susanne
Yesterday the parcel arrived including savely the Drum and the Stick. Here is a foto from this morning at dawn. The welcoming I did already last night with the lovely juniper you included. Thanks and thanks for the advices and attachments you sent me via email about „starting the beautiful relationship with a living shamanic tool“. Trying to tell it this way 😉
The drum is wow. It is resonating already by the lowest wind whispering and by the stick beat it‘s sound and reverb goes directly to the heart. The stick and the drum handle and everything fit magically. Just holding it makes me speak and choose words cautiously and in inspiration, for the drum, I feel, brings them in a very direct way to manifestation.
I feel happiness and gratefulness. This experience getting to wonderful tools made by your hands, Erik and Susanne, goes to my heart. Remembering finding your website, the kind  communication you were willing to share and the moment I’m giving the rattle and the drum a respectful home makes me saying to both of you: thank you very much 🙂
I will keep this in my hear
And send you blessings
Rolf – Germany 🙂

Hello and Wow I received my Drum today I just tapped the handle and the drum started to resonate considering the cold it had to wether through its
journey the sound is Devine , once again this Drum was made for me the second I opened it we got to work it really gave me no choice !! Hahah The Capricorn 🪐
Thank you so so much . Always with Love Shelley – Ireland

Dear Eric and Susanne,
The shaman drum and the rattle arrived. They are absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much.
 This weekend  I will make a ritual  to welcome them at my home.
Best wishes
Anne, Karlsruhe,Germany

Hi Erik and Susanne!
The shaman drums are home now and we are very, very happy to meet them!
We both feel attached to our drums immediately, Sandra does not want to let go of Spirit of the Bear and it is communicating with her already and I feel there are secrets to unveil with Spirit of Fairies.
Thank you for creating these for us!
Best wishes Johan and Sandra, Sweden

I received my shaman drum on Friday, and went to a mountain top in my favorite valley, Signaldalen.
I had the most amazing weekend, so much so that I decided to continue my solo journey farther North and continue exploring with my drum as my only companion
I read the stories of how you make your drums, and I knew this all along, that your drums were made ceremoniously and with great respect and through guidance by Spirit and with Spirit Animals. But I was happy to read that my senses were spot on, and also I so enjoyed the story of the 127 year old Elm tree. I wonder what peg in my drum, is she? 🙂
Having lived in Sápmi for the last year, I had thought about getting a Sámi drum, but in the end it did not feel right and as I shared with you before, the circular shape is in alignment with my lineage from home. All that to say I am so happy to have my drum and proud to know that it has been created in the right way— this is difficult to put to words, but (you know) the energy of it is powerful.
Honestly she’s  so powerful her sound and medicine, I feel I have to learn from her and up my game so to speak as to know how to work with her. 🙂
All of this is fantastic!!
Thank you so much for the work you are doing in the world and I am so glad I found you and now have This shamanic drum with me.
(I also very much appreciate all of the supplementary information you provide about your drum and their creation, you are educating others in the substance of sacred objects and their essence.)
Many abundant blessings to you!!
In love and service, Chloë Rain, Norway

White Eagle has landed🥰it’s like we always has been connected. Like meeting an old soul friend. And Eagle is a beautiful soul. I’m in love. And she sings with magic. Thank you very much for this shaman drum.
Love and light. You are the best❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️
Karin, Sweden

Erik and Susanne:
I recieved the shaman drum today. It is more beautiful than I imagined. It has a wonderful tone. This drum fits into and enhances the work I do.
Thank you for walking this path of beauty.
Cheryl, Colorado, USA

Dear Erik and Susanne,
Thank you for shipping my new shaman drum and i received it on Thursday May 21. The drum arrived in perfect condition.I want to thank you both for the shaman spirit work you put into crafting all you do, and in particular my drum. l called on – the spirits of the woods, Pine, Beech, Elm, and Birch. The Spirit of the Reindeer to thank them and to ask that they may work with me.
Thank you both and blessings. Harry, Gray Raven. Canada


Dear Erik,
Just to let you know that the ‘Winds of Aurora’ drum arrived safely today, and in perfect condition.  It really is ‘the right’ shaman drum, so beautiful and it feels like a very significant moment that this has suddenly manifested in my life.  I’ve moistened the hide a little bit as it is very hot here today, and the sound is – wow!! 
I will be doing a special ceremony to begin this new time journeying together.
Thank you too for the juniper sticks – I know this wood well from my childhood, and the refreshing scent that came straight out of the box immediately brought me back to those sacred places walking in the Finnish forest.
With deepest thanks to you and Susanne for your beautiful making, and I will send you a picture of the drum here once we are ready.
Best wishes and blessings to you both,
Anneli, United Kingdom

Hello Erik,
My Shaman drum arrived yesterday beautifully intact. I initiated it with prayers and started playing it today. This is my very first drum and I have instantly fallen in love with it at first sight. Thank You for creating such a beautiful shamanic drum for me.
With gratitude, Vinutha, California, USA

Hello Susanne and Erik,
the shipment arrived yesterday. Everything is in order and prestine condition. I am so pleased, after all this time,  to hold such Beautiful Shamanic creations in my Hands.
And the Arrival was perfect in time for the celebration and welcoming on a Portal Day. Thanks again for everything.
Be blessed, Klaas, Dortmund, Germany

Hi Erik,
They arrived this morning and are absolutely lovely! Thanks so much for holding on to them while I was away and for the lovely smudges!
The shaman rattle gave me tingles the first time I shook it and the shaman drum has had a little water added and it has a beautiful deep tone. It definitely feels that they have come home!
I did find one piece of tape and the handle feels comfortably firm so I guess you did remember to do the last tightening! Thanks!
Once again, thanks very much for everything!
All the best,Guy, Zandvoort, Netherlands

Dear Erik and Susanne
I´m very happy to tell you that the shaman drum has arrived today 🙂
Thank you for your great work and the lovely sound of the new family member 🙂

All the best
Hannes, Italy

Erik & Susanne!
The Druid/ess has arrived and we have activated long dormant energies:) She sings with harmonics like I’ve never heard on a drum. Cosmic vibrations to awaken and attune. The color is “perfect”. We are complete in a new way.
I very much appreciated the secure box and quick, safe shipping process. Being very dry in Denver, I have been using the technique of wetting the fingers and rubbing the shaman drum head for a few minutes every day, it is necessary to return her from a high shallow tone to full depth and song.
Honestly I have been at a loss for words around the beauty and magic of this manifestation process. The construction of the drum and the sacred intention are one unit and you have created powerful healing tools:) Enjoying every moment together.
Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Courtney, DeepStates Soundscapes, Colorado, USA 

Hey Erik and Susanne,
yesterday i received this amazing present from my amazing wife  Thank you, Wopila, Pilamaye
Soul of Fire what an energy!
In the first moment the color “purple” was a bit strange to me. Cause i connect it more to woman.
But as soon as i played the first drumbeat, she touched me so deep and intense. I never get touched by another shaman drum like this.
She permeate every layer in surrounding, in a very powerful way. i felt a call and invitation to get into a deeper connection with her. to bring a new powerful energy into this world.
Her colourful red she glows into the darkness is also very stunning.
You are really blessed and do a great job, with great teachers. They are all inside and its amazing…..
Such a great energy and now i am blessed too
Love Benji, Wegberg, Germany

Dear Erik, dear Susanne,
your parcel arrived yesterday – so I did a welcome and vintersolhverv ceremony today with the lovely junipersmoke – thank you!
I am very thankful! Thank you for your work. Your work really is love made visible!
I am happy to have my shaman drum with me now, it is very beautiful, wonderful colours and I like the sound, the smell and the drumstick is perfect in my hand 🙂 And the size and weight is really comfortable for travelling round the world. Thank you so much!
Glædelig jul og godt nytår!
Blessings and Love, Ulrike, Bonn, Germany

Dear Susanne and Erik,
The Shaman Drum, The Spirit of the Wolf has arrived. Thank you very much.
I am so pleased with it, I already sung with the drum.
The drum and the stick are beautifully made. I really can feel the love and the spirit in it.
I will enjoy it, hopefully for a very, very long time.
Thanks again. 
With kind regards,
Margriet, Lochem, The Netherlands

Dear Erik and Susanne,
Today my shaman drum arrived… safe and sound! The Shaman’s Mirror is even more beautiful in person!! And the drum bag matches the bag of my previously ordered Shaman’s Rattle… thank you so much! I look forward to getting to know my drum!
With gratitude, Shelly, Alberta, Canada

Dear Erik and Susanne,
I just wanted you to know that I received your package today!
Thank you so much for manifesting these shamanic items, they are extremely well crafted and there was clearly a lot of spirit put into them.
This is definitely my shaman drum and I wouldn’t want any other one.
Best wishes,
Klaus, Netherland.

You two
She has found home !
Now we are shaping our relationship !
Last night we had our first deeply diving ceremony together : )
Thank you so much Erik, for building her!  For me !
I will be greateful forever !
..and the sound of this Shaman Drum is SO rich !
Love, Light and Wisdom
Ava, Athina, Greece

/Wow 🙂 Thanks so much Erik and Suzanne <3 the Shaman Drum came this
morning and i opened it very carefully and there was this Quiet Awe as i
unwrapped it and to find it in a wonderful Golden bag, it is Truly a
work of Art, Thankyou both and the Beings who brought it forth 🙂 It is
the sixth day of Navaratri today (the nine day Worship of Divine Mother
Durga – as i am a Devotee of Mother Meera – Divine Mother) and all week
i have been doing Fire Ceremonies in the morning to offer Prayers and
Healings and things, i will immediately do a Fire Ceremony and Pipe
Ceremony together to thank you all over in Sunny Denmark and to Bless
the animals who offered themselves to Be a part of this Sacred Work. I
will definately keep you informed about how my work develops as i feel
you will be a huge part of it’s development and undertaking. Thank you
so much, With Great Love, Daniel, Lake District, UK/

Wow, Erik & Susanne!
I don’t know what to say……. 

The shamanic drums are beautiful,
sacred, alive and connected
to life, to me, to my Medicine. 

The colors of the bags,
the Juniper sticks, my Drum Stick…
Everything is alive and breathing..

I am listening. 
I am grateful. 

Thank you for these Medicine Gifts…
they are calling in the New Dawn and the Light.
Mitakuye Oyasin. Sat Naam. Aho.

Sarah Hawk, Spirit Guide, Germany.


Dear Erik and Susanne
Thank you so much for my lovely shaman drum. We are still getting to know each other, but already our bond is strong. The sound is beautiful – even with soft finger tapping. I love that you incorporated pins from the two special trees.
I introduced “Hunting Ritual” to my anam cara group (soul friends) this weekend.  Everyone was so excited to meet her. We did a shamanic healing ceremony for a friend and everyone agreed it was our best drumming yet. The answers from Spirit were strong and wise. I wish I had words to say more.  💟
Alison, Bethlehem, USA

Dear Erik and Susanne,
The Shaman Drum, Rattle and felt drum stick arrived in perfect condition !!! … Absolutely beautiful … I am honored !
so now I will read all the files you sent and prepare myself for the joy!!¨
Thank you again for all your mails, info and kind advice and help !!
Interesting that my Drum Moon arrived on the Full Moon … I initiated it last night!
Sincerely, Martha – Luzern, Switzerland

Hi guys,
I am Extremely pleased to tell you my shamanic drum arrived yesterday without a single problem! I took her home and hugged the box the entire way home on the bus .. arrived home and eagerly opened the Extreamly well packaged box . there was a nice strong supporting piece of wood there, and cardboard supports and an Amazingly lovely felt bag!
the sacred juniper was amazingly sweet and smokey when I burned a thick cloud in my small room. I welcomed and introduced my shaman drum and beater to my home. I could not imagine the beauty in person! the photos made me fall in love, but to see it in person and feel the smooth edged wooden parts and the soft wolf fur so carefully placed and the colours of the reindeer and the wolf fur matching so perfect, to smell it and to feel the energy and care , craftmanship , love and MAGICK .. WOW beyond my hopes and a true treasure !
I simply cannot thank you enough for the time and energy you spent to get this shamanic drum to me and for your help with the payment schedule too .
So anyway its a feeling like a have a small child or a new pet .. the spirit of this sacred drum is strong and is an amazing entity to work with. It truly does sound like a deep bell ringing when I beat the drumhead it resonates for a long long time ..
I see a small hole drilled at the end of the beater tick , what is this for ? to hang it up or add some string ?
Also just wondering if there is a way for me to know which of the pegs comes from the lighting tree ?
Many many thanks for EVERYTHING and I will be looking for a necklace soon 🙂

Kevin from New Zealand:)

Dear Susanne & Erik

Thank you
Every single moment with my Drum is a rich and beautiful experience, so unical!
Thank you
A new Door has been opened in my conscioussness
Thank you

ToMa from Chambéry, France

Der Erik, dear Susanne,

My drum and rattles arrived well already on Wednesday evening, second day after shipping.
When I unpacked the carton, leaving everything in the beautiful violet bag, I had to take them into my arms as if I was holding myself. I was so touched that I began to cry. I could only feel the gratitude. I stroked the drum again and again, later I gave it massage from outside. It enjoyed :-). I left them relaxed that evening.
Yesterday I initiated my drum and rattles with juniper smudge. The getting to know is very intensive and emotional: the first contact with “the Spirits of the Mountains ” was very intense, the energy was so penetrating that I had the feeling it wants possess my whole attention, there would be no space for anything else. So I kept distance, had chat with it and observe, being deeply connected. Today it was beautiful to play with her.
Also the contact with the rattles is changing from yesterday to now. I think it takes some time to integrate them into my life and I am learning about them.
Thank you so much for your unbelievable beautiful art work: it can only be done with the higher spirits with you. I am so touched to see, to hear and to feel the drum. The sound is incredible. Also that of the rattles.
Everything is so well organized, even the perfect packing.

Thank you for the beauty and the energy you create.
Best wishes
Xiling, Germany

Dear Erik and Susanne

I would like to thank you once again for the exquisite drum you crafted for me. Not only have you beautifully evoked energy of the spirit who will work through the drum, you have crafted a power object which will deepen my shamanic work. The drum sings with two voices; a deep thrumming echoing the heartbeat of the Earth, and a higher counterpoint which expresses the joy of creation and the wonderful dance of life and spirit. It is everything I hoped for and more. I am in deep gratitude for the integrity with which you work.
Sarah Louise Kent – UK.

Hello Erik and Susanne,

My mother is in town now and I finally have a minute to write my experience of Mourning Dove. I opened my drum outside of course and the first time I struck the surface I heard a familiar coo-ing sound that is not ever heard in our woods. I beat the drum again and let the sound fade out and again another coo. In the Shipibo tradition, when a baby is born, it is named by the first sound or sight that the grandma sees or hears. I knew my drum was to be give the name – “The coo of the Mourning Dove,” For short – Dove.
I am amazed at the craftsmanship and power in this drum. I had a bad migraine one day and I put my head directly in the crux of the handle and beat the surface for about 10 minutes or so directly over my head and my migraine vanished. MY husband and I both were very impressed with how well made the drum is, sturdy yet so light.
I am so glad that there is a connection to the music I will be performing (texts all from the Kalevala) and the drum (connection to the Sami people and lands and traditions). This is a very special tool for me and I am so glad I found you on a web search!

I will certainly share your drum with other drum makers and tell them your approach.
I hope all is well with you both and look forward to staying in touch in the future when my son is ready for his own drum.

The very best, Crista Harrington-Berryessa – Califirnia, USA.

Hi Erik and Susanne,

Just wanted to let you know the drum arrived today…
It’s absolutely beautiful, I could feel the amazing energy
Just carrying the box inside…
Thank you both soooo much.
Warmest Regards from Down Under.

Kim – Perth,Western Australia

helloooooo, I’m so happy with my drum!!! It’s amazing, thank you for this gift so beautiful,I go to Chile, my Earth, to sing to love, to peace, helping the healing of the entire planet, my singing and my positive energy will come to you also.
Tack så mycket!!!!
Rayen Amanda – Chile

Dearest Susanne & Erik

I don’t know how you feel about your drums, but I have felt as if I was expecting a child. Reason why I think you should know where it has come to live and what particular significance it has for me, and the work ahead of us. It is an amazing story that coincides with the paper I received from one of you in which you state that the order is placed on an astral plane, then made and displayed on your website for its recognition. If the drum hadn’t had its name I probably wouldn’t have been fed the doses of information that were suddenly available and placed in perspective. Naming is powerful as we say around here.
Actually I’m not a drummer and thus confess it was much to my surprise being completely blown away by “Lossen” (Lynx). For several days my dreams were interrupted by visions of myself playing the drum. Also in my wake condition it played with a firm, steady beat in my subconsciousness – a certain insistence from the other side. Now, later, it does make sense.

The last couple of years I’ve been working with Jaguar as a guide and mapper. It makes sense after several years immersed in Latin American culture, where Jaguar is as central as Bear or Wolf in the North American cultures. We have no “wild” jaguars in Europe, and Lynx is probably the closest we get to a similar feline. I actually had to look the word up, because I couldn’t remember exactly what “Los/Lynx” was in Danish, and I certainly didn’t understand why I kept returning to that drum, why I had to journey on the sound of a drum I didn’t even know. Exciting how – when I finally realized that Los is Lynx – it all fell into place.
I know Lynx. Lynx with eyes like two shining stars. Lynx the constellation, almost invisibly stretching itself on the celestial bow between Auriga and Bear. Lynx who connects, links and gently serves the light in a truth. Lynx, who magically operates from a place beyond the visible, with eyes that see what others cannot yet see. The knower of ancient secrets.
There is also an African legend of Lynx marrying the Morning Star and hence connects the Stars with a being on Earth to create the flow between as above so below, what we are born from and what we become. Stars are shining in the eye of lynx from the deep shades of the forests. And in the forest, Star Dancers dance under the open sky. We dance for our heritage, to heal the earth, ourselves, and to remember. I am a Star Dancer dancing to the rhythm of the drums. Maybe next I’ll step forward and drum for others. The future does not exist, as we all know, until it happens – and so we must wait to see what time unravels.
The drum obviously has the exact sound as in my imagination and my dreams. The drumstick you sent along, a beautiful greenish wool poof with curls, looks like the one I saw myself holding. I am utterly impressed by this much coincidence. Every time I sit down something new unfolds. Lynx truly reaches a place deep inside me – as in the stories from the Elders – as I remember them.

I could continue writing adding just more and more of my wonders – but still there’s so much that need to fall into place, so many stories yet untold. We just had our first welcoming ceremony to greet each other formally. Thanks for the juniper incense. What a wonderful gesture to accompany the drum with something already familiar. I love it !

All my blessings, – Louise Barner – Denmark

Dear Erik and Susanne,
The drum arrived this afternoon – without problem and any extra charges. Thank you for helping me with this!
It is utterly beautiful I already love it 🙂 The stick has lovely touches of indigo color and I wondered if the hairs you added were wolf’s
hairs ? – Once again I would like to thank you for all these beautiful gifts and for you kindness.
All the best to both of you!
Sylvie, Fribourg. Switzerland.

Hi erik!

thank you so much for your wonderful works!!
it’s amazing!!
i love this sound !!
Minsoek Kim, Sungnam, Kyunggido, The South of Korea

Erik ,Susanne
THANK YOU! … Drum arrived.. it’s Much Better than I could hope for . We bonded this Morning by the stream .with the Morning Sun and Birds . It’s Sound !…. It’s truly Magic ! I can’t get it’s sound out of my soul. It is the beginning of a long love affair.
I want to take good care of my new friend for many many years Again Thanks.
Bill, Connecticut ,USA
(P.S I would like to order a rattle.And I will be in contact with You soon .To which oneI would like?) CHEERS

Dear Erik and Susanne,
The most beautiful drum arrived, her voice is low and the bloodline thread of wool in the drumstick tugs at my heart. A young male turkey is out clucking under the leafing butternut tree; I will follow with song when he leaves…thank you for the most beautiful gift ever, like eternal birthdays and Christmas’, blessings. Torry – (Spirit of the Lily)
Victoria, Vermont, USA

Hi Erik, Susanne,

I received the drum and completely forgot to let you know right away due to my travel.. You sent me an email that you shipped it on April 17 and I received a notification from my post office on April 22 already! I wasn’t able to pick it up right away because I left the town the next day, but picked it up the week after. Just want to let you know that it got to US within a few days this time.
The drum is absolutely gorgeous.. I welcomed it with the Juniper sticks you included. I loved the sound.. Thank you so much! I read the instructions and will take a very good care of it.

Thank you both for such a beautiful piece,
Anna, San Jose, USA

Thank you Erik,

Your additional information is wonderful.
And yes – as soon as I saw the picture of “The Panther” I knew she was my drum. Her name is perfect. And then when I read she was made of reindeer hide and birch I was even more convinced. And then when I read where she was made – and by who – even more so.
Thank you for your work. I’m very touched by the fact that two of the pins are from those very special trees (the old Elm and the Lightening Struck Tree).
I have one more question. What did you use to dye the hide?
Please save her for me – and I’ll get this off to you.
Laurel, Minnesota, USA

Hello Erik and Susanne

The Panther has arrived safe and sound! I found myself longing for her today. I opened the door and sniffed the air – as if I could smell her on the breeze. 5 minutes later I received the notice that she was waiting at the post office.
She is sitting in front of my ancestor altar.
Now we will begin to get to know each other.
I’m thrilled.
Thank you so much for your work,
Laurel, Minnesota, USA

Just to let you know that my BEAUTIFUL CAVE DRUM arrived this afternoon. My dog loves the smell but not touching it, laying near it.

How do I use the two pieces of wood? We usually awaken a drum with tobacco and sweetgrass.
Many Blessings of Love and Gratitude,
Marilee, Michigan City, Indiana, USA

Hello and good morning to you both.

After unpacking the drum and playing my first beat i transcended into a deep penetrating stillness. I couldn’t believe the power of “Yggdrasil”.
Thank you so much for creating such a powerful tool to deepen my awareness.
I’m sure “Transformation” is an incredible piece also but i have not completed my transformation yet. I am still growing and learning everyday so i believe “Yggdrasil” is the drum for me.
I am so over powered by the deep vibrations of the drum! Really fantastic!
My partner Katie and our 12 week unborn baby really feel the penetration of the sound.
I will for sure be looking for another addition to the transcendental tools in the near future.
For now i have some beating to do.

Best wishes and many thanks
Alexander – and Katie – Great Britain

Dear Susanne and Erik,

the package with the drum arrived yesterday. And Frank was the one to accept it… that was not the plan of course, usually all packages are dropt downstairs in the cafe. But well, I guess the drum wanted to come to him directly 🙂 So he was sitting in front of the package like a little boy waiting for me to come home. I couldnt take it away, so we opened the package right away, even though it wasnt his birthday yet.
He loves the drum, me too in fact, I think it is a very good match. It really has a strong presence, we are very impressed by the wonderful work you do. we enjoyed the juniper a bit for the welcome, Frank will have a smoke ritual today for a proper welcome.
So altogether – many many huge thanks!! We love what you do and we are so happy to have such a special drum now with us.
All the best and many thanks

Carola, Germany