Shamanic Rattles

made of antler, horn, hooves and bells.

rattle in a shamanic way and as the old shamans did, it is done in cooperation with spirits helpers and power animals.
It is as if you are drawing on a source of creativity from the other 3 worlds, the worlds which the shamans visit on their journeys. From these sources, we receive ideas to many of our shamanic rattles and even ideas for new rattles that have not been seen earlier.
The handles used for our rattles are found on “shamanistic walks” in nature. Absolutely unique pieces of wood appear on our way and not rarely they meet us with a message of how the further creation of a shaman rattle must take place.
Especially for those rattles that are not made with rawhide, we experience that we are helping to create new shamanic rattles – with new sounds – 
Sounds that can open doors to different shamanistic universes. Sounds that can support the shaman in his healing work.

Shamanic Rattles made with Nuts

The Rattle “Songs of the Shoreline”.
Price: 1200 161 Euro / 137 £ / $ 178 
Full Length: 45 cm.
Materials: Colored Hazelnuts, One Conch and Twisted Beechwood with Honeysuckle.

The Rattle “Wind Songs”
Price: 1200 161 Euro / 137 £ / 178 $
Full Length: 38 cm.
Materials: Colored Hazelnuts, one Conch and Twisted Beechwood.

The Rattle “Spitits of the Jungle”
Price: 1300 175 € / 158 £ / 206 $
Full Length: 37 cm.
Materials: Maraca Nuts, Beads of Yak Bone from Nepal and
Twisted Beech wood and Honeysuckle.

The Rattle “Spirit of the Fox”
Price: 1200 161 Euro / 149 £ / 192 $ 
Full Length: 43 cm.
Materials: Hazelnuts, Fox Fur and Twisted Ash.

Harmony Ball Rattles 
“Northern Light Singing Ball” Rattles: 
An old shamanic healing tool with the sound of Aurora.

It is told that they have the same sound as the Northern Light when it is singing – and old Shamans refer to this sound as a very special song from the sky of the frosty night in the North – as the sound of divine bells.
“Northern Light Singing Balls” has been a healing tool reserved for the women among the Saami people of Finland.
Here united with Moose Antler, that serves as “Earth Anchor”, and which lets the tones of healing flow.

Shamanic Rattle: “Songs of Ursa”. 
Price: 2100 282 Euro / 254 £ / $ 313 
Full Length: 21 cm.
Materials: Northern Light Singing Ball (5 cm)  Bear Fur and Handle of Decorated Old Bog Oak.

Shamanic Rattle: “The Spirit of the Wolf”.
Price: 2100 282 Euro / 254 £ / $ 313 
Full Length: 22 cm.
Materials: Northern Light Singing Ball (5 cm.) Wolf Fur and Handle of Moose Antler.

Shamanic Rattle: “Sacred Serpent”. 
Price: 2100 282 Euro / 254 £ / $ 313  
Full Length: 25 cm.
Materials: Northern Light Singing Ball (5 cm)  Decorated Snake Skin and Handle of Moose Antler.

Shaman Rattle: “The Sacred Mask”. 
Price: 2100 282 Euro / 254 £ / $ 313 
Full Length:  23 cm.
Materials: Northern Light Singing Ball (5 cm) Raccoon Fur and Handle of Moose Antler.

Shaman Rattle: “The White Wolf”. 
Price: 2100 282 Euro / 254 £ / $ 313  
Full Length: 24 cm.
Materials: Northern Light Singing Ball (5 cm)  Wolf Fur and Handle of Deer Antler.

Shaman Rattle: “Song of the Wild Wolf”.
Price: 2100 282 Euro / 254 £ / $ 313
Full Length: 23 cm.
Materials: Northern Light Singing Ball (5 cm.) – Wolf Fur and Handle of Moose Antler.

Shamanic Rattles with Hooves, Bells and Horn

Our Shamanic rattles are handmade in harmony with our animistic believes. Shamanic rattles that can support the shamans work with spirits, in his healing work

Shamanic Rattle “The Path of the Reindeer” 
Price: 1700 / 229 Euro / 200 £ / $ 274
Full Length: 47 cm.
Materials: Reindeer Hooves (each 6 – 7  cm.)
Handle of Tvisted Beech Wood, and with Wolf Fur.

Shamanic Rattle: “Ancient Snake Dance”. 
Price: 2100 / 282 Euro / 254 £ / $ 313
Full Length: 26 cm.
Materials: Indian Dance Bells, Snane Skin and Snake Bone.
Henna Decorated Handle of Tvisted Juniper.

Shamanic Rattle  “The Sacred Spider Medicine”  
Price:  1700 228 Euro/ 210 £ / 272 $.
Full Length: 41 cm.
Materials: Engraved Buffalo Horn. Fox and Rabbit Fur, Leather and Beads 
of Bone and Metal.

Shaman Rattle “Under the Midnight Sun” 
Price: 1700 / 229 Euro / 200 £ / $ 274 
Full Length: 50 cm.
Materials: Reindeer Hooves.
Handle of Tvisted Ash and with Marten Tail.

Feed Back on Rattles

 Dear Erik and Susanne,

I received your marvelous Northern Light Bell Rattle today. I love it!! Thank you!
With love and blessings!
Sandra Ingerman – USA

Oh my word…
i just received my Aurora rattle and cannot stop playing it. it fits my hand so beautifully. i love both the weight and delicacy of it. it is quite simply so very beautiful and i’m so grateful to you for crafting it.
starshine and fir tips,
Debra, Glendale, USA

Dear Susanne, dear Erik,
The Shaman rattle has arrived !!!!  – And I stare in awe !!!
What a wonderful and powerful shamanic paraphernalia you have created,
I am truly your admirer and I thank the spirits what they co-created with you
Sending you all my love and gratitude from Germany to Denmark,
Jessica.  Stuttgart Germany

Dear Susanne,
The Shaman Rattle has arrived at a same time as your mail, Teo is coming any day now 🙂
Once again, I’m amazed by your shamanic work, the Rattle is literally breathtaking. Thank you for the beautiful artistic work, but most of all for your time, thoughts and deep dedication visible in every detail of your work and communications.
Till the next meeting, I wish all the best to you and your family.
Sincerely, Bruno – Croatia”

thank you ever so much! the shaman rattle Raven Spirit of the North has landed safely to Finland and it is a perfect match with my rattling hand 😊 When I saw it in the picture first time I felt it on my hand and it does feel exactly the same I imagined then. I love it.
br Anu, Helsinki, Finland 

Dear Susanne, dear Erik,
your package with my Shamanic Rattle arrived yesterday in perfect condition. The cylindrically package is a good choice from you.
My Shaman Rattle is wonderful and the combination of the materials as well as the handling and sound are perfect . It fits in a wonderful way to it´s name 🙂
Thank you very much for your affectionated and inspiring work!
Also thank you for your good advice and your perfect service. I really appreciate that.
Best wishes for both of you.
Michael, Rheinzabern, Germany

Dear Erik and Susanne,

My beautiful singing ball made its way home to me today and it is even more special than I could have imagined.
I am thrilled with it and am enjoying getting to know it. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful piece.
Thank you also for the extra gifts, they are much appreciated.
Much love and gratitude for all that you do.
Karen- Dublin Ireland. 

Good day Susanne and Erik,

So, the rattle has arrived and it made itself right at home; after a night on the windowsill to wake up under the stars, and some dancing and singing the next evening, it really seems as though the Aurora Rattle has brought together the other five of my own-made shamanic rattles into a very nice and happy, united family!
Thank you very much!
Jenne – Maine, USA  

Dear Susanne! Dear Erik!

The Ancient She Bear has arrived yesterday! I guess we are really happy to be together, I am so! 🙂 Thank you so much! 
She has so much elegancy, a masterpiece of love und depth! I did a journey und burned the juniper. So I get to know her power und the magic inside her! Oh, wow!!! 
So I hope her spirit will walk with me for a long time!
Lots of love to you both!
I guess I will write you soon and ask for a drum… We will see…
Thank you for your work und your beeing!
Claudia – Neunkirchen, Austria 

Dear Susanne and Erik,

Indeed, the rattle arrived today and it looks beautiful!
I just started a program on ‘walking the shaman’s path’ with Patricia Whitebuffalo,
and I am sure this rattle will be a great companion for me ! 
Thank you very much  
and all the best for you
Claudia – France 

Hi Eric and Susanne,

My rattles arrived safe and sound and they are beautiful. Thanks you so much !
Best wishes
St Albans, Australia

Hello Erik and Susanne,

I hope you are both well.  The rattle, tea and herbs arrived today!!  Thank you so much.  The rattle is beautiful and I have a Shamanic Journeying class tonight and it will guide me!!  I’m looking forward to using the tea and incense also.  There were 3 sticks included and I’m not sure what they are used for.
Thank you so much for sending them so safely and lovingly.
Jill Jagemann, Lafayette, Colorado, USA 

Thank you so much!
The rattles came in the post today … when i opened the tube i could feel the energy fizzing already. 
I held the snake rattle and it felt like i was holding an old friend and the nut rattle seems full of joy.
They are truely so beautiful,i feel very lucky and can’t wait to know them better.
Wishing you all the best for this beautiful New Year  
Lisa, Weymouth, Dorset – United Kingdom 

Dear Suzanne

This rattle has such a clear voice, she speaks in this world and in that of the spirits, calling to my spirit allies of the tundra. She brings the gift of connection, of re-membering our selves and speaking from our hearts. Her blue is of the skies and the element of air, that element which carries the memory of every word ever spoken and every song ever sung. I am blessed to have a rattle with such spirit. 
Many thanks for bringing this rattle into being,
With blessings,
Sarah Devon  UK.

 …..  I just received my Rattle, and all I can say is WOW!!  
The energy is awe inspiring and began humming through me immediately upon having the package in my hand.  My insides were, and still are, humming and vibrating as I opened the box and took it out.  I just sat and closed my eyes feeling it’s healing spirit.  When I began to shake it, this feeling and energy just radiated outward.
Please pass on my deep gratitude to the one who made the Rattle and for all of you who are a part, even in the smallest way, of its creation and delivery to me. When working with the amazing rattle, please know that I have put out the intention that some of the healing, love and light be passed to all of you to guide you and aid you on your journey.
Thank you for this absolutely amazing tool on my shamanic journey!!! 
Sharon – Lynnwood, WA. USA 

Hello Susanne,
I received the rattle today and it is absolutely amazing, beautiful, fragile, sacred.. I am very happy with it and cannot wait to start working with it..
Thank you so much for creating such a unique meaningful rattle for me!
Anna – California USA.

Dear Erik and Susanne,

I received the rattle yesterday, and it is perfect…exactly what I was hoping for.  It is undoutably going to become a vital tool in my work.
Thank you so much for the excellent rattle and the great contact.  I really appreciate it!
Take care and enjoy the holidays,
Christopher, Switzerland