Shaman Rattles made of hide

…. a Shaman Rattle has a soul or Is Animated. 
For thousands of years the rattle has been used to comfort crying babies or to heal the wounded warrior. 
A shaman rattle is a very personal tool, that will cooperate in accordance to your intention.

Some rattles are like the wind turning the leaves on the trees or like the breath of nature!  Others are like the sea or the rushing within the blood, – or like the sound of a running creek or a crackling fire – Sounds that will bring us closer to the spirits between worlds and of nature ! 

My process when creating a Rattle – or any of the other tools involves a deep shamanic connection with the spirit world – and the different spirits within the material. Spirit of the wood, spirits of the hide / skin, spirits of the feathers – as well as the essence or shamanic symbolic meaning, that I experience in 
the seeds, crystals, stones, bones or seashells. 
All this is an incredible process, where one immerse / journey into the material, or the spirits of the material will just talks to me. Meaning e.g. that sometimes a Rattle will ask for a special filling or feather. 
The uniting of the different materials causes a transformation. The melting together of the material is “The birth of a new Essence”. The tool becomes alive, souled and together it will constitute the whole.

My shaman rattles are known to have their own unique energy and the same goes for their sound.
When you work with the Rattles in a state of changed consciousness you can experience an incredible sound universe. It´s possible to experience that the same rattle,  from time to time have a different sound, during the shamanic work and depending on your shamanic work.
A Rattle can be used in many ways ! The primary thing is, with what intension you are working with and that you invite the spirit of the Rattle to participate with the same intension.
You can use a rattles for shamanic journeys, for calling spirit helpers and power animals, to compliment your healing work or as the Shaman’s tool when working with Tribal Dance or Singing Seidr – or you can start your day by giving yourself a “Rattle shower”
To be familiar with your shaman rattle, we recommend to make a “journey” for the purpose of getting to know the Spirit within the Rattle.


Shaman Rattle: “Dance of the Northern Light”
Price: 1200 161 Euro / 149 £ / $ 192
Length: 25 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer Hide and Handle of Birch.
Filling : Moldavit-Meteorite, Crystal, Freshwater Pearls and 2 Bells.

Shaman Rattle :  “Sacred Rooster Dance” 
Price: 1300 175 Euro / 161 £ / $ 208     
Length: 25 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer Hide, Guniea Fowl Feathers and Handle of Juniper.
Filling:  Bone, Snail Shells and Juniper.

Shaman Rattle  “The Shamans Owl”     
Price:   1200 161 Euro / 149 £ / $ 192  
Full Length: 26 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer Hide,  Owl Feathers and Handle of Pine.
Filling: Amber and Wild Cherry Stones.

Shaman Rattle “Raccoon Medicine”    
Price: 1300 175 Euro / 161 £ / $ 208
Length: 20 cm.
Materials: Reindeer Hide, Raccoon Mask and Handle of Rese Root. 
Filling : Sea Shells, Snail Shells and Flying Rowan.

Shaman Rattle :  “Ancient Blood Lines”  
Price: 1400 188 Euro / 173 £ / $ 224    
Length: 19 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer Hide and Handle of Australian Cone.
Filling: Black and Red Coral, Lava, and Papaya Seeds.

Shaman Rattle  “Kintamani Gate”     
Price:  1400 188 Euro / 173 £ / $ 224    
Full Length: 23 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer Hide and Handle of Root from Kintamani / Bali.
Filling:  Lava, Blue Coral and Papaya Seeds.

Shaman Rattle “Thunder Raven”
Price:    1400 188 Euro / 173 £ / $ 224
Full Length: 26 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer hide, Raven Feathers and Handle of Lightning Struck Birchwood.
Filling:  Iron Meteorite, Pyrite, lava, Freshwater Pearls and Juniper.

Shaman Rattle “The Elder”
Price:   1300 175 Euro / 161 £ / 208 $
Full Length: 24 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer hide, Handle of Elder Root.
Filling : Red Coral, Bones and Snail Shells.

Shaman Rattle “Kundalini Dance”.
Price: 1300 175 Euro / 161 £ / $ 208 
Full Length:  24 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer Hide and Snake Skin.
Handle of Ivy.
Filling: Lava, Red Coral and Bones.

Shaman Rattle “Horse of Ancient Time”
Price: 1400 188 Euro / 173 £ / $ 224   
Full Length: 22 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer Hide, Fox Fur and Handle of Spruce Root. 
Filling : Bone, Snails and Juniper.

Shaman Rattle “Falcon Vision” 
Price: 1300 175 Euro / 161 £ / 208 $   
Full Length: 26 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer  Hide, Falcon Feathers and Handle of Beech Root.
Filling : Crystal and Snail Shells.

Shaman Rattle “Path of the lone Wolf”
Price:   1300 175 Euro / 161 £ / $ 208         
Full Length: 21 cm.  
Materials: Decorated Reindeer Hide, Wolf Fur and Handle of Birchwood.
Filling : Bones, Sea Shells and Juniper.

Shaman Rattle “Mandala Journey”
Price:  1300 175 Euro / 161 £ / $ 208     
Length: 20 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer Hide and Handle of Deer Antler.
Filling: Red Grenades and Freshwater Pearls

Shaman Rattle “The Ancient Fire”
Price: 1300 175 Euro / 161 £ / $ 208
Full Length: 24 cm.
Materials:  Decorated Reindeer Hide, Beads of Amber and Handle of “Burnt” Beech Wood.
Filling:  Amber, Lava and Juniper.

Shaman Rattle “The Butterfly Transformation”
Price: 1200 161 Euro / 149 £ / 192 $   
Full Length: 27 cm.    
Materials: Decorated Reindeer hide and Handle of Drift Wood “Oak”.
Filling: Coconut and Sea Buckthorn Seeds.

The Rattle “Journey into Consciousness”
Price: 1400 188 Euro / 173 £ / $ 224 
Full Length: 25 cm.
Materials:  Decorated Reindeer hide, Snake Skin and Handle of Twisted Beechwood.
Filling:  Crystal, Bone and Snail Schells.

The Shaman Rattle  “Warrior of the Rainforest” 
Price: 1100 147 Euro / 129 £ / 168 $  
Full Length: 25 cm. 
Materials: Reindeer hide, Parrot Feathers and Handle of Silver Poplar.
Filling: Coconut, Cinnamon Bark and Corn.

The Rattle “Ocean Dance”
Price: 1300 175 Euro / 161 £ / $ 208  
Full Length: 25 cm.
Materials:  Decorated Reindeer hide, Blue Coral and Sea Shells. Handle of Twisted Beech Wood.
Filling:  Blue Coral and Sea Shells.

Shaman Rattle “Dance from the Roots”
Price:    1400 188 Euro / 173 £ / $ 224    
Full Length: 25 cm.    
Materials:  Reindeer Hide, Decorated Leather, Red Coral, Flamingo Feaathers and Handle of Thyme Root. 
Filling:  Red Coral, Bones and  Snail shells.

The Shaman Rattle  “Bear Medicine”     
Price: 1400 188 Euro / 173 £ / $ 224       
Full Length: 26 cm. 
Materials:  Decorated Reindeer hide with Fur and Bear Fur.
Handle of Beechwood.
Filling: Smoky-Crystal, Lava and Juniper Berries.

Shamanic Karma Sutra Rattles

….. ancient illustrated Hindu love text dealing with the art of Lovemaking as a way to unite with the spiritual world.
The unification of Gods and Goddesses on ancient Hindu sandstone reliefs, and on many of the old Tibetan Tanga Paintings illustrates, besides the love act, the divine union and fusion of the Gods’ and Goddesses’ virtues.  
These relics of sculptures and texts recount that we, through the love act, can reach ecstacy and that we can be reconciled with the spiritual world.

Sexual energy is the source of all life – It is creativity. It is creation.
In the act of love we can let go of our egos and unite body, mind, and spirit. 
The Lovemaking allows us to open and unite with the Wholeness.

Access to the Source of Life, playing, creativity, and creation is essential for us to be living human beings. 

I have created these Shaman Rattles with old Kama Sutra Illustrations, with the focus and intention that they in shamanic practices and for healing purposes may be used to set free the sexual energy and vitality. 

These Shamanic Rattles contain and are composed of differently-scented aphrodisiac seeds, and bark with scent and spirit, so that they may nourish the senses and invite the merging of body, mind, and spirit.
A Gate into the universe of Wholeness.


Shaman Rattles  “Lotus of Kundalini”  
Price:   1700 225 Euro/ 197 £ / 276 $.
Full Length: 23 / 25 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer hide and Handles of Reindeer Antler.
Filled with: Freshwater Pearls, Cardamom, Muscat and Juniper.

Shaman Rattles  “Serpent of Life”  
Price:   1700 225 Euro/ 197 £ / 276 $.
Full Length: 25 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer hide, Snake Skin and Handles of Juniper.
Filled with:  Red Coral, Cinnamon Bark, Cardamom Corn and Juniper.

The Rattle  “Passion of Senses”                                                  
Price:  1700 225 Euro/ 197 £ / 276 $.
Full Length: 24 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer hide, Wold Fur and Handles of Tvisted Ash.
Filled with:  Amber, Cinnamon Bark, Muscat and Corn.

Shaman Rattles  “Enlightenment”                                                  
Price:  1700 225 Euro/ 197 £ / 276 $.
Full Length: 27 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer hide and Handles of Juniper Root.
Filled with:  Crystal, Muscat, Cardamom and Juniper.

Connected Shaman Rattles

….. creations of new “tools” often spring from a need that arises during my shamanic work. For journeying. Healing, song, dance and rituals, I have often felt the need to have a Rattle in each hand, preferably with different sounds. This has given me the idea to create these Rattles, that have different sounds as well as energies and at the same time they are linked.

Susanne 🙂

Shaman Rattles  “Spirit of the White Deer”  
Price:  2600 350 Euro/ 322 £ / 417 $.
Full Length: 27 / 28 cm.
Materials: Reindeer hide, Rabbit Fur and Handles of Deer Antler.
Filled with:  Freshwater Pearls, Beluga and 1 Bell / 
Freshwater Pearls and Juniper.

Shaman Rattles   “Bear Medicine”
Price: 2600 350 Euro/ 322 £ / 417 $.
Full Length: 20 / 21 cm.
Materials: Two Colored Reindeer hide, Bear Fur and Handles of Old Oak.
Filling; Sea Shells, Snails, Sanddorn Seeds, and 1 Bell. / Mamouth Bone, Red Jasper, Small Cones and Juniper.

Shaman Rattles “Healing of the Ocean” 
Price:   2600 350 Euro/ 322 £ / 417 $. 
Full Length: 20 / 21 cm.
Materials:  Decorated Reindeer, Turquoise and Handels of Juniper. 
Filling;  Blue Corals and Freshwater Pearls / Sea Shells, Mussels and 1 Bell.

Shaman Rattles “Eagle Dream”
Price:  2600 350 Euro/ 322 £ / 417 $.
Full Length: 20 / 23 cm.
Materials: Reindeer Hide, Golden Eagle Feathers and Handle of Beech Root.
Filling; Bones, Sea Shells and Juniper // Crystal, Freshwater Pearls. Rose Seeds and 1 Bells.

The Amazing Work of the Beavers


The rattles below is made with handles of birch, that has been cut down and debarked by beavers 🙂

Beaver Rattle Indigo “Beaver Medicine”  
Price: 1050 142 Euro/ 130 £ / $ 168  
Full Length: 24 cm.
Materials: Reindeer hide, “Beaver-Birch” and Beaver Fur. 
Filling: Sea Shells, 1 Bell and Juniper.

Beaver Rattle “Vision of New Paths” 
Price: 1200 161 Euro / 149 £ / 192 $  
Full Length: 25 cm.
Materials: Decorated Reindeer hide, “Beaver-Birch” and Beaver Fur.
Filling: Freshwater Pearls and Sea Shells . 

Beaver Rattle “The Beaver”
Price: 1050 142 Euro/ 130 £ / $ 168
Full Length: 27 cm.
Materials: Reindeer hide, “Beaver-Birch” and Beaver Fur. 
Filling : Juniper and Wild Cherry.
SOLD !  

Feed Back on Rattles

Dear Erik and Susanne,

I received your marvelous Northern Light Bell Rattle today. I love it!! Thank you!
With love and blessings!
Sandra Ingerman – USA 



Dear Susanne and Erik,

My shamanic Rattle Medicine Woman has arrived. I’m a bit lost for words – it’s the most beautiful guide and companion I could wish for.
Thank you for creating her.
Warmest regards,
Gabi, Singapore


I received the shamanic rattles.   They are super.  Love the sounds each one makes. Thank you so much for sharing your gifted talent with us.
Have a wonderful holiday season.
Smiles and good thoughts,
Pamela, Stamford, Ct – US. 

Dear Erik and Susanne, 
Just to let you know the Shaman rattle has arrived safe and sound, lovely!!  I will so look forward to using it!
All the best  
Giselle, Surrey, UK.

I received my gorgeous and very powerful shamanic rattle yesterday. Thank you so much.
Loves and gratitude
Maree, Oxfordshire, UK 


Dear Susanne,

My Shaman Rattle has arrived! When I unpacked it, I felt like I was welcoming home a dear friend. Your exquisite craftsmanship takes my breath away and the rattle resonates with the deep shamanic prayers with which you brought it to life. It is my great honor to be the keeper of such a tool.
Truly, thank you with all my heart!
Dominique – Seattle, USA
Hello and good evening to you both,
 Your wonderful Shamans Rattle ” The Black Raven” arrived today, wahoo! I wasn’t expecting it for another week or so, I am glad that it worked out. I have a Shamanic healing ceremony tomorrow, and I am excited to begin working with it.
Thank you for all of your wonderful work and magic,
Monika Healing Coyote – Columbia, Maryland USA

Hi Erik & Susanne,
I received my Northern Light Singing Ball Rattle & it is so beautiful! The sound is incredible & very healing. Thank you for your beautiful work. 
Many blessings to you,
Nicole, Chicago, USA

Hi Susanne,Rattles arrived yesterday and they are truly beautiful!
Thank you so much for packing them so well.
With deep gratitude and appreciation,
Robert, Queensland, Australia


Dear Susanne,
your package arrived on Thursday already! Two days from you to me – wow!
Actually, it’s difficult to find words for describing my feelings when unwrapping the box, but I’ll try it. Both rattles are absolutely beautiful with a strong energy and magic aura emanating from them.
When I saw the one you’ve created for me – the “Water-healing”-rattle – it made me smile and gave me a wonderfully warm feeling inside.
The “Tundra Horses” made me cry..not in a dramatic sense, but it felt like getting in touch with a very old, dear and familiar friend..a creature I must have known back in ancient times. This rattle is very, very special! I’d say it’s an extraordinary work of art with all its special pieces of material and how you’ve melted them together to bear that creature – but it simply doesn’t do justice for what it means to me.
Thank you so much for giving birth to those wonderful rattle-beings. It’s an extraordinary talent you have. Thank you! 
Be blessed,
Simone – Germany